Presentation / Discussion Overview

Community Health Services Digital – setting the scene: Dan Cowie, Paul Danvers, Angela Wood

VCSESarah French. Vision/Hearing

    • Optom. engagement, hospitalized services, connecting into the adult social care contract for rehab and then grant- funded charitable work;
    • use of Charity Log software
    • Gap identified – writing to GPs for updated information and medication; complicated information sharing.
      • Can direct e-referrals from GPs be implemented against NHS contracted work?
    • Opportunity: VCSE to better evidence the impact that they have as a sector. This will aid the sector being taken into consideration when looking at community health and the health of the communities that we’re working with.

Local Authority Tracy Leckenby, DCC, attending on behalf of Diane Moore.

    • Digital support in provider market and digital innovation, supporting independent sector, children’s and adult services across MH, older people, etc. Focus on keeping people at home and keeping people well;
    • hospital discharge and supporting this area of work with digital.
    • Paul Danvers to be added as member of LA Regional technology group

AHSN Digital transformation team – Robin Blythe.

    • Includes Healthcall rollout;
    • Monthly digital collaboration group (focus on Care Homes);
    • Profiling digital solutions in ICS within Care Homes;
    • Vitalertor underbed sensor pilot

My Care, My Home, My Way event – Tech in Health, Housing & Social Care event

Digitisation of Care Homes – Sam Clement.

    • Records digitisation, future tech support and independent living; also inc. domiciliary care

NHS Acute Trust Community Teams:

South Tyneside & Sunderland – Nicola Kirkby.

    • Working with Luscii on proactive management of people with LTCs, tech-enabled self-care;
    • Taking learning into VWs;
    • Looking into EmisX for increased interoperability.
    • Challenge regarding cross-border working with patients in VWs

Gateshead – Jayne Reynolds.

    • Emis Community used on mobile devices;
    • Working on pulling LA social care data into BI warehouse to facilitate discharges;
    • Also working on 2hr UCR data capture.

North Tees & Hartlepool – Bob Warnock.

    • S1 Community;
    • Using S1 comms annex to send patients URLs, questionnaires for pre-assessments;
    • S1 Visualisations (e.g. use for Rockwood scores over 3 years for a patient);
    • Heart failure @home and VW on Healthcall platform;
    • Working on Whzan interoperability with S1;
    • Community OPTICA group collecting data from both health and social care EPRs – focus community beds
    • Connected Bob to Robin’s CH collaboration group for Whzan interoperability journey learning from other areas

Community Health Services Digital Dan Cowie.

    • Developing strategy, aligned to WGLL and ICS strategy.
    • CHSD plan as part of Ageing Well Action Plan ’23-24