INVOLVE: establish partnerships with people, carers and families to tackle the challenge of frailty together, both at:

  • A community level: to make the decisions of today that inform the care and support of tomorrow. Real involvement for our patients and public is fundamental to all aspects of service redesign. It is vital that the views of people, their carers and families must come first, especially those who find it hardest to be heard.
  • An individual level: so people, carers and families are actively engaged and involved in shaping their own care. The core aim of a Care Support and Planning approach is to involve the person (and carers) in planning the future, by wrapping the traditional components of clinical care around what is important to them in living their life.

For more information to aid local delivery see what works, resource links, benefits, evidence, local stories and case studies as well as impact/measures see Frailty Toolkit document page 23-26.

Useful resources

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