(including information sharing, IT and technology)

  • To fully realise the Frailty ICARE Toolkit, a digital infrastructure is required for people, staff and commissioners that is fit-for-purpose.
  • It must permit appropriate access to care records, allow data-sharing for planning of provision and commissioning, and support the use of assistive technology and telemedicine.

Useful resources

NHSE enhanced health in care homes – learning guide on data, IT and technology –

Great North care Record website –

Personalised Care Planning templates and guidance, including templates for advance care plans, emergency care and treatment plans, NHS England –

EPACCs – electronic systems that improve end of life care, Marie Curie –

Sharing patient information, NHSE Quick guide –

Information Governance toolkit, NHS Digital –


Health Call has been commissioned by the NENC Frailty Network to design and develop a multidisciplinary Comprehensive Digital Geriatric Assessment (i-CGA) tool. Piloting of the tool will start in August 2021 with an inbuilt evaluation for learning and sharing. Pilot site – Gateshead. For more information contact

Jackie’s Story – A digital ageing well journey is being produced looking at the real life journey of a person moving through the stages of frailty. It is useful for practitioners and managers when thinking about how to plan for and support people and families living with frailty.  For more information contact