Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice explores the challenges and opportunities of Ageing Well and frailty. We bring together experts, from across the systems, which are willing to learn, share and push the boundaries of knowledge about older people  their lives, wants and care needs.   The Community of Practice is a cross-sector group, exploring care in all aspects of Ageing Well through purposeful conversations, allowing the learning and dissemination of knowledge to spread into local places to aid care delivery and services developments.

Wenger-Trayner E, Wenger-Trayner B. Communities of Practice, a brief introduction. 2015.

Working together, this community will:

  • Develop a strategic voice and vision for ageing well and frailty.
  • Drive transformation in ageing well and  preventing frailty and supporting people, families and communities living with frailty.
  • Collate and curate a body of knowledge around ageing well and frailty, which can be shared across the region and more widely.

They will achieve this by:

  • Sharing and learning from existing knowledge.
  • Identifying knowledge and care gaps, priorities and common challenges .
  • Generating and sharing new knowledge and new ways of working; better tools and processes; and innovative solutions to common challenges.


 Community of Practice presentations including video recordings from previous meetings can be downloaded below:

  • February 2024 (recording link) – Presentation: Improving Quality of Life, Functional Capacity, and strength in Older Adult; St Martin’s Lifting Cushion Pilot; Gateshead Falls Car: the journey so far
  • October 2023 (recording link) – Presentation: Supporting Virtual Wards to be Inclusive for Older People with Dementia, Delirium, and Mental Health Needs
  • June 2023 (recording link) – Challenge North Tyne 2023 – Supporting people in later life at home, work and play
  • February 2023 (recording link) – Presentations: Care Home Evaluation Project: Vitalerter (falls prevention/turn alerts); Improving recording of the Clinical Frailty Scale by physiotherapists in older people’s medicine: a quality improvement project; Whole Truth, Untruth and Lies:  do they have a place in practice?
  • December 2022 (recording link) – Exploring delirium superimposed on dementia: tools and guidance
  • October 2022 (recording link) – Presentations:  North East Ambulance Service ‘Measuring frailty and its association with key outcomes in the ambulance setting: a cross sectional observation study; Pilot evaluation and further development of a tool to inform levels of care provision need for residents with dementia; Measuring frailty and its association with key outcomes in the ambulance setting: a cross sectional observational study and NEAS ‘Frailty Case Finding’
  • June 2022 (recording link) – Rehabilitation for those living with Dementia, SMI and individuals experiencing delirium – now, the future and possibilities
  • April 2022 (recording link) – Person Centered Care for People Living with Dementia
  • February 2022 (recording link) – Digital iCGA.
  • November 2021 (recording link) – Enhanced Care of Older People (EnCOP):  Building the Evidence
  • August 2021 (recording link) – Mapping of policies and innovations to develop new models of health and social care that support people in later life in North East England and South East Scotland
  • June 2021 (recording link) – Supporting Unpaid Carers
  • April 2021 (recording link) – Falls, Frailty and Care and Support Planning
  • February 2021 – Ageing Well ICP Proposals / Plans
  • December 2020 (recording link) – Update on Quarterly iCARE Metrics Report
  • October 2020 (recording link) – Enhanced Care of Older People Competency Framework 2016-2018
  • August 2020 (recording link) – What’s the latest?  Update Session
  • June 2020 – COVID 19 and Frailty: discussion through iCARE
  • February 2020 – Quality Performance Dashboard
  • December 2019 – NHSE/I Ageing Well National Expectations
  • November 2019 – CoPper Scholar;  The importance of nutrition in muscle health and frailty
  • October 2019 – Older People’s Mental Health Clinical Network:  What’s going on?
  • September 2019 – All Together Better:  A Whole System Approach to Frailty Care in Sunderland
  • August 2019 – The importance of engaging older adults in physical activities
  • July 2019 – Modular Housing:  The Research Project
  • June 2019 – Frailty Data and RAIDR
  • May 2019 – Supporting Care Homes with Immedicare and Involve
  • April 2019 – Metrics Presentation by North of England Commissioning Support
  • March 2019:  Housing for the Future: Planning Now (Home Group and Northumbria University)
  • February 2019 – Frailty Implementation Pan South ICP
  • January 2019 – Frailty Outcomes Framework 2017-18 Baseline Report
  • December 2018 – The role of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector in Supporting Health and Wellbeing, presentation by VONNE
  • October 2018 – What’s the latest?  Update session
  • August 2018 – A Community of Practice for Frailty: Our Role / Where do we Fit?
  • July 2018 – The Future is Frail and It’s Everyone’s Business (South and North of Patch CoP)