Our Opportunities

The frailty fulcrum is a visual representation of all the parts of a person’s life that affect their overall wellbeing.

It shows how each domain can contribute to an individual’s resilience or vulnerability, and how collectively they can create an overall picture of a person’s level of frailty.

Over time, the balance and interactions between these individual domains can change. Using the frailty fulcrum and having a better understanding of these balances will enable a much more proactive, community-based approach to frailty care.

Reproduced with the permission of the copyright owner, Fusion48 – NHS England, Frailty Fulcrum – https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/dawn-moody/


Considering national evidence and local intelligence for frailty interventions the following benefits could be released across the region:

  • If 10% of the severely frail had remained moderately frail the gross savings across the ICS would be £5,767,375 over 12 months
  • If 10% of the mildly frail had remained fit, gross savings would be more than £15m (owing to higher patient numbers)

NB: Gross estimates- these figures do not account for the costs of interventions to prevent frailty progression.


The table below shows the potential improvement in each of our regional frailty outcomes.  The table will be expanded as additional metrics are baselined.  Improvement is shown against two scenarios, firstly the opportunity offered by moving STP performance to the England aggregate position and secondly the opportunity offered by moving CCGs below the STP aggregate position to the STP position.