Enhanced Health in Care Homes

Enhanced Health in Care Homes [EHCH]:  Actions 2022-2023:

    • Building an aligned governance between AHSN and ICS for EHCH roll out
    • Develop an inclusive workplan for EHCH at ICS level incorporating PSC
    • Start mapping EHCH across the region around expectations for 2022/23 – workforce implications, pathways, digital [medicines, SBAR, NEWS etc.), PCSP roll out, deterioration patient programme etc.
    • Build on OP Mental Health conversations around dementia, delirium etc.
    • Submit regional ‘hydration’ proposal for NHSE funding
    • Further support for PCNs and MDT development as part of EnCoP /PCSP testing
    • Explore further the ‘social care offer’ via LAs including housing, supported living environments in line scoping work happening in NHSEI
    • Map out EHCH provision for LD people across the region with ICS

See diagram structure.