Building the Evidence: Research and Evaluation


To fully realise the Frailty ICARE Toolkit and measure its wider impact across various aspects, including and beyond the measures listed here, We have started to collaborate with our local universities and NHS research and evidence teams to help with evidence synthesis and to explore the evaluation and research potential for the future.  As part of this work we are working closely with the regional NIHR ARC (Applied Research Collaboration) NENC team.

Actions 2023:

  • EnCOP:  two studies are underway one qualitative capturing the experiences of the workforce and another ARC funded quantitative study reviewing some of the frailty iCARE metrics in services where staff have used the competency framework.
  • Improving Hydration Care:  this collaborative study including care staff from across the sector  is part of a national programme led by NHSEI and consists of a literature review first phase identifying best practice and evidence and a second phase of focussing on learning offers and competency development.


Actions 2018-2022:

  • Developing a Frailty Evaluation Toolkit:  after recognising that there are lots of well evaluated frailty services but the lack of a standard assessment tool meant that none were evaluated in the same way, the Frailty iCARE team established an international team of experts to successfully develop one.  Click here for further information.
  • Understanding the Accommodation Journey:   anecdotal evidence in the Frailty iCARE team suggested that little was understood about the complex needs of older people living in supported living environments and this study was undertaken to assess the evidence available.  Click here for further information.
  • Digitalising CGA:  ‘comprehensive geriatric assessment’ is well evidenced and accepted as gold standard care for those who need it and the Frailty iCARE team were keen to explore the feasibility of introducing a digital version and this study reports on our learning.  Click here to see final Evaluation Report.
  • Enhancing Care for Older People (EnCOP) through Workforce Development:  our EnCOP competency framework has taken a research evaluation approach to its ongoing development since 2016.