Community connectivity


Encourage community connectivity through strengthening access to and involvement of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE).

An asset-based approach seeks to mobilise and strengthen the skills, capacities or resources available to individuals and communities and allow people to gain more control over their lives and circumstances and reduce the risk of loneliness. The impact of loneliness and isolation is well evidenced and its impact on use of health and social care services is significant.

Our VCSE organisations are locally rooted having a wealth of local knowledge and connections (especially with hard-to reach groups), giving them unique insight into the challenges as well as opportunities within local ‘places’ to tackle inequalities.

The following are examples of what to consider when thinking about community connectivity:

  • Focus on and invest in recognised ways of working that embrace ‘relationship and asset-based approaches’ and ‘everyone doing their bit’ to improve the health and wellbeing of our society.
  • Enable healthcare professionals to refer patients to non-clinical pathways that are co-designed to improve their health and wellbeing (e.g. social prescribing).
  • A community navigator/link worker, who could come from a range of sectors (e.g. VCSE, housing) will work with the individual to co-produce solutions that best suit their needs.



Community Connectivity (through asset building)

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