Universal Personalised Care

The NHS’s Long Term Plan around ‘Universal Personalised Care’ establishes whole-population approaches to supporting people of all ages and their carers to manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing, build community resilience, and make informed decisions and choices when their health changes.. The Model is made up of 6 evidence-based components, with a standard set of practices. The following shows how these 6 components are aligned to our Frailty ICARE:

  1. Shared decision making – see ‘involve section
  2. Personalised care and support planning – see ‘care and support planning
  3. Enabling choice, including legal rights to choice – see ‘involve section
  4. Social prescribing and community-based support – see ‘community connectivity’ section
  5. Supported self-management – see ‘specific tailored support for long term conditions’ section
  6. Personal health budgetsand integrated personal budgets – see ‘CGA and case management’ section

The full benefits from personalised care can only be delivered in full with key enablers – including strong system leadership, information and technology aided solutions, co-production and cross-sector workforce engagement – see ‘making it happen’ section.

There is a free e-learning on Personalised Care Core Skills, Personalised Care and Support Planning and Shared Decision Making that is open to all on the Personalised Care Institute website.

For more information visit the FutureNHS Collaboration platform and NHS website.