Community Health Services Digital

The focus of this work is to support Community Health Services in achieving the national Ageing Well and Digital priorities as outlined below.  The work will be aligned to existing programmes already progressing across the our ICS and within local places in line with the recently published NENC ICS digital strategy and emerging ICP/place-based strategies. The work will culminate in the development of an Ageing Well-focused community digital health strategy and implementation plan to support local-place based delivery.


Update – August 2022

In 2022-23 we will:

Develop a Community digital strategy and implementation plan in line with national direction of travel and the NENC ICS digital strategy/emerging ICP/place-based strategies. Plans will be aligned with existing key digital enabling programmes already progressing across the ICS such as the Great North Care Record (GNCR) and affiliated digital transformation activities.

The release of the following objectives by the national team working on community health services digitisation has enabled the strategic work to move ahead with renewed direction for this year:

2022-23 delivery plan objectives are confirmed to be:

  • Community Transformation (Digital)
  • Optimise e-job planning and e-rostering
  • Ensure CHS providers access ShCR as a priority in 22/23
  • Deliver radical improvements in quality and availability against national data reqs and clinical standards eg MSK pathways
  • Work towards achieving a core level of digitisation by March 2025 in line with Frontline  Digitalisation MVP
  • Costed three year investment plans Include community sector delivery against WGLL
  • Support delivery of NHS e-Referral Service to become an any-to-any health sector triage, referral & booking system by 2025
  • Support Ageing Well national objectives in the following areas:
    • Proactive Care – including digitisation and sharing of Palliative Care documentation and Care Plans
    • Enhanced Health in Care Homes digitisation
    • Urgent Community Care – including continued onboarding of community services providers to the Community Services Data Set (CSDS) and improvements in Data Quality. This will include Health Federations, Local Authorities, Hospices and selected other providers working in Integrated Care and Podiatry.
    • NHS@Home community digital activity including support for Virtual Wards working groups


Update – April 2022

2021-22 achievements:

  • Ambitions for digitising Ageing Well work have gained increased traction due to the collaborative nature of the CHS Digital Lead role, enabling conversations and decisions. Momentum has been gained in areas such as exploring digitised ACP/EoL documentation.
  • Production of the proposed Ageing Well governance structure provides a strong foundation on which to continue building the digital CHS work.
  • We formed the start of Working Groups to enable ‘Finding People’, ‘Supporting People’ and ‘Measuring What Matters’ strategic themes. See this link for a visualisation of the strategic thinking.
  • The comprehensive geriatric assessment digitisation (iCGA) is progressing, with piloting at 2 PCNs in Gateshead having commenced. This will prove viability and highlight potential benefits associated with the cornerstone for older persons’ support.
  • Jackie’s story animation has been completed, to link the ageing well journey with best practice. This enhances care and support professional services.
  • A start in networking with place-based community digital leads has provided a platform on which to build collaboration and decision making in the future, potentially filling a gap which exists.
  • Digital links with the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector have been enhanced, including networking around Digital Inclusion (Newcastle, Sunderland, ICS/AHSN).
  • Networking and engagement took place across the 4 ICP digital transformation groups and the ICS CIO network, to increase awareness of CHS digital work and collaboration.
  • 10 community providers were onboarded to the CSDS with a further 11 in progress and many others starting to understand their reporting requirements as well as data quality enhancements.


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