ICS Workstreams


  • The ICS Workforce Transformation Board funded our EnCoP programme
  • Linking in with workforce strategy around SPLW etc.
  • Linking to PCN work around role of ARRS and UPC/Ageing Well
  • Reviewing and exploring workforce group role in planning around community services redesign, Urgent Community Response data collection (CSDS) and SDEC and @home models
  • Exploring impact of EnCOP through ongoing evaluation work
  • For more details see EnCOP objectives 2022-25


Digital and Technology

  • Accelerating the Community Digital (Ageing Well) strategy development, reaching key milestone and objectives (such as highlight report)
  • Embedding Ageing Well website (www.frailtyicare.org.uk) within ICS website
  • Exploring Communication Strategy via ICS and AHSN
  • Exploring closer alignment with PSC and deterioration work with Health Call and i-CGA work
  • Exploring how EnCOP, Jackie’s Story and i-CGA can be optimised in relation to digital inclusivity and opportunities
  • Exploring how the ICP ‘ageing well’ projects an optimise digital inclusivity and opportunities
  • Exploring wider digital transformation (e.g. virtual wards, communication across MDTs, access to SCR) and demand/capacity management as well as implementation of digital CSDS via the Community Health Service Digital programme (including digitalisation of the Ageing Well – Finding, Supporting and Measuring)


Mental Health (Older Persons)

  • Exploring the access to mental health as part of an Ageing Well offer (e.g. across the 3 Ageing Well prioritisation)
  • Further review NENC ICS Community Mental Health Transformation Plan and Collaborative Planning framework with Ageing Well lens
  • Understand the ‘Single Version of the Truth’ Demand modelling work in relation to Ageing Well and Frailty iCARE PHM with a mental health focus (dementia, delirium, inorganic illness)
  • Exploring how the role of EnCOP, Jackie’s Story and i-CGA can be optimised in relation to mental health parity
  • Exploring now the ICP ‘ageing well’ projects can optimise in relation to mental health parity
  • Considering a focussed piece of work across Ageing Well and OPMH such as delirium as part of the UCR, mild dementia for Proactive Care and further dementia diagnosis in care home (via AHSN programme)


Prevention and Population Health Management

  • Exploring Public Health representative on the Ageing Well Steering Group.
  • Exploring further the SPLW programme inline with ICP projects in primary prevention
  • Exploring the ICP MDT and Strength and Balance Training project in their impact on tertiary prevention
  • Exploring iCGA role in helping with ‘prevention’ of illness, improve quality of life and improve independency
  • Exploring the role of EnCOP in making every contact count as part of the embedding programme
  • Link close with public health (wider determinants and health inclusion work) to support healthy ageing and Proactive Care model development


The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE)

The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector is a key NHS partner, working strategically and operationally to improve health, wellbeing and care outcomes in the community and within health settings.

The ICS-funded VCSE Partnership Programme is hosted by VONNE (Voluntary Organisations’ Network North East) and Cumbria CVS (Council for Voluntary Services) to ensure coverage across the ICS geographic footprint. The Programme supports and enables this partnership work, including the formation of a VCSE Ageing Well sub-group, open to all VCSE organisations who support older people. The sub-group is integrated with the Ageing Well workstream, including VCSE representation on the Regional Steering Group, within the Community of Practice and as part of emerging work and plans across the ICS.

For further information on the VCSE Partnership Programme or the VCSE Ageing Well sub-group, please contact VCSE Deputy Programme Manager Lisa Taylor lisa.taylor@vonne.org.uk


Urgent Emergency Care

Exploring the role of UEC and Urgent Community Response Ageing Well priority.