Our Aim

The aim of the toolkit is to develop a common understanding of frailty and establish a supportive way for learning and sharing best practice.   It is understood that local health and care systems will have, or will be developing, their own plans but the common vision for these plans should be to:

Enable people, carers and communities to look after themselves and remain well, independent and healthy, but when needed offer care and support at or close to their homes, in a way that identifies issues early, resolves them quickly and prevents people going into hospital unnecessarily or supports them through transfers of care when needed.

A robust learning system will be built that recognises people who are vulnerable to becoming frail as well as those living with mild, moderate and severe frailty across the region using:

  1. A Frailty Toolkit that incorporates evidence-based approaches to care across the frailty journey, key resources and local examples of good practice, underpinned by a dashboard of key outcome metrics
  2. A Community of Practice where initiatives are shared, learning and recommendations agreed, plans made for wider sharing through local forums and the toolkit constantly developed.

The toolkit is not mandated as it is recognised that design and delivery should be locally determined and drivenIt will however offer standards and outcomes that will allow variation to be explored across the region and help focus priorities.