Community of Practice

The Frailty Community of Practice will explore the challenges of frailty, not just those directly related to care delivery but related matters such as engagement and involvement, workforce development and digital solutions.

The community will be created by bringing together frailty experts, from across the system, who are willing to learn, share and push the boundaries of knowledge about frailty.  They will be leaders in their own localities and will be able to influence care delivery and service developments there, as well as drive regional progress.

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Working together, this community will:

  • Develop a strategic voice and vision for frailty.
  • Drive transformation in preventing frailty and supporting people, families and communities living with frailty.
  • Collate and curate a body of knowledge around frailty, which can be shared across the region and more widely.

They will achieve this by:

  • Sharing and learning from existing knowledge
  • Identifying gaps, priorities and common challenges
  • Generating and sharing new knowledge and new ways of working; better tools and processes; and innovative solutions to common challenges.